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No more do you have to stress about fashions that are outdated or mainstream. Whether you go for our luxurious eyewear that offers the latest fashions and styles or bring out your own uniqueness with our custom eyewear options.   You'll always stay on top of your fashionable eyewear game with CityStyle313.  


Eyewear holds the potential to show off your image.  Make it a good one with CityStyle313.


Check out our luxurious eyewear range holding the best of brands or choose to customize yourself to make your own creative and unique eyewear idea come to life. 

Custom Eyewear

Customizing is an exclusive feature from City Style 313. Here, you have the ability to design your eyewear or jewelry.  Customize everything to your liking including our lenses, arms, frames, color style, and jewelry add-ons.  Let your budget work for you.  Create your own style and comfort with CityStyle313. 


Whether you like staying on top of your fashion trends by wearing the best brands of eyewear or like going a step away from the traditional fashions to flaunt your own style and fashion, City Style 313 has got you covered.  Viist our "Custom Eyewear" section today. 


Custom Jewelry 

We Specialize in Custom and Celebrity Jewelry such as Pendants, Rings and Watch Bezels. We do offer a small selection of jewelry however we are great a matching pieces people have seen or simply creating a new idea from scratch

If you are looking to get a piece made or have a piece you seen in a retail shop.


Email us a picture and we can give you a quote on the piece with in 48-72 hours.  We can Save you hundreds or even thousands by sending a picture and getting a quote.  We have expert diamond setters and manufacturing capabilities to guarantee professional quality.


Coming soon in 2018, CityStyle313 will offer full financing without credit checks.  


We new offer affortable repairs and DIY repair kits at


Diamonds are available in a range of sizes and qualities to fit every consumer's tastes.  One of the first things most people learn about diamonds is that not all diamonds are created equal. In fact, every diamond is unique. Diamonds come in many sizes, shapes, colors, and with various internal characteristics.  Diamonds can be fashioned into a variety of shapes and still be beautiful. 

New Gear

Receive a new  custom CityStyle 313 Summer Hat with your next purchase with us.   




Cafr Group

Coming Soon to will be out exclusive new partnership with the CafrGroup.